It wasn’t always like this.

Once upon a time, everything about your love life –– from finding partners to enjoying the one you have –– was different.

The idea of dating was exciting rather than excruciating; the end of one relationship was just an opportunity for the beginning of another one; and any partnerships you found yourself in were exciting and enjoyable, at least for a little bit.

But by now, the new has definitely worn off … and although you’re doing all the right things, your love life is just not working.

Sound familiar? Step into my office…

Hi! I’m Amber Lewter, LPC. I’ve spent nearly a decade in private practice as a relationship therapist, helping hundreds of singles find love and couples save their relationships. As you might imagine, throughout all that time, I started seeing some really common patterns. 

Things like, “If I just sign up for one more dating app, that’s going to be the one that helps me meet the right person!”

Or “I can start a relationship just fine. But three months in … that’s a whole different story.”

Or “I know that relationships take work, and go through their ups and downs. But somewhere along the line we hit a down that we just can’t seem to get out of, no matter how hard we try.”

The most frustrating part? This seems to be the one area of your life that you just can’t quite get a handle on.

Your career? Doing just fine, thank you very much. Your social circle? Likewise. You’ve got hobbies, you enjoy traveling, and you generally adult pretty well.

But when it comes to your love life, it’s the same stupid stuff over and over again. And no matter how hard you try to work your way through it, you keep coming right back to the same place.

Let’s be honest … something’s got to change.

Because if you spend one more night binging Netflix and flipping through Bumble, or deal with one more long, drawn out text flirtation that never actually turns into a date, or have one more round of the same old fight, your head’s gonna explode.

Whether you’re looking or committed, I know things can be better for you.

(After all, you’re here, looking for tips on how to improve your relationship, right?) I also know that the fastest, most effective way to do that is by understanding what you’re working with and how to best use it.

So stop scrolling endlessly through the apps, stop going through the same old break ups over and over again, and stop falling into the ruts and fights that keep you from enjoying your relationship.

And start doing relationships the smarter way with Love Acumen.