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Will He/She ever change?

You’re not going to like the answer ... but you need to know it for a healthy relationship. “Will he ever change?” Alexandra asked me as she nervously bit her lip. We had been talking about her boyfriend for the past 20 minutes of our session together and his tendency...

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Is functional alcoholism the new normal?

Does it ever feel like alcohol is available and encouraged…..everywhere? From baby showers to brunch, from sporting events to birthday parties, it seems like everywhere you turn these days people are having a drink to “relax” or “take the edge off.” Over the past few...

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7 Ways the soulmate myth is destroying your marriage.

“Here we are. Again.” Tara sighed and bit her lip. She and her husband Neal sat in my office, looking miserable. I had seen them 8 years ago for affair recovery … and somehow they were back in the same place. Tara, angry and hurt. Neal, with tired eyes and guilt-gray...

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This is why there are so many selfish people in the world

“I just don’t get it…. Why are people so selfish?” Liam wrinkled his brow as he looked at me for an explanation. After 3 months in counseling, he was frustrated, confused, and burnt out. He couldn’t figure out what he was doing wrong –– in each and every relationship...

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6 reasons you keep getting taken advantage of

Have you ever felt like someone is taking advantage of you? Like it was all about them and never about you? It’s pretty terrible. That dynamic can breed hurt feelings, confusion, and eventually tons of resentment. This is especially true in romantic relationships. But...

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What is your shadow trait?

Have you ever met someone and thought, “Wow! He ‘s so __________.” And whatever fills that blank is like the most amazing quality. You are totally magnetized by his __________-ness. It is hands down, super sexy to you. And if the two of you get together, over time you...

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5 Steps to dealing with an angry partner

Have you ever been talking with your partner and suddenly it feels like things went from zero to 100 in about two seconds? Suddenly you’re confused, surprised and overwhelmed. You have no idea why things escalated to such a bad place so quickly. What the hell...

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How to survive an unhappy marriage

It’s that liminal in between time that people usually don’t talk about. You know, when the relationship is emotionally over, but on the outside it appears to still be a relationship. When there is no more togetherness or connection. When the will to try to resolve...

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Does your partner have your identity hostage?

“Such bullshit. When I look back on it, I can’t even believe it was all going on right under my nose,” quipped Ryan (not his real name). As a newly divorced, late-thirties father of two, Ryan suddenly found himself in the midst of a bitter divorce. It was the result...

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Divorced by 1,000 Compromises

Have you ever wondered “How did we get here?” in a relationship? Things started off all moonlight and romance, and then one day it’s like there’s some crazy underlying cold war dynamic where you and your partner seem to be getting along on the surface, but your...

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4 Ways to make hard conversations with your partner easier

  Bringing up painful subjects is often, well, painful. And if what you have to say is received poorly it makes the topic all that much more volatile. For a higher success rate and less tears, I highly recommend being strategic in how you approach difficult topics....

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Have you lost connection with your partner?

  Long term love is made up of many things: compromise, romance, friendship…and windows of time where you wonder, “how in the hell did we get here?” We’re all familiar with the warm and fuzzy stuff; it’s the hard times of exhaustion and emptiness that throw us for a...

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Being an Entrepreneur Primes You For BIG Love, this is why.

Let’s be honest--being an Entrepreneur can be hard work, really hard work. But it can also be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. When I first started Love Acumen I was filled with excitement, enthusiasm and energy. Much like when you initially fall in love. Picking...

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Fish oil popsicles can rescue your romance, this is how

How could something so obscure and downright gross sounding help your love life?  Okay, you got me, it’s a metaphor. For the past few months I’ve been in a power struggle with my three year old. I am determined that she will take fish oil on a daily basis, if it is...

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